AT&T Conferencing with ZOOM


AT&T Conferencing with Zoom is a cloud-based, real-time, multi-tenant collaboration and productivity solution. The Service provides Customers with an array of collaboration tools including content sharing, group messaging and presence along with audio, video and web-conferencing capabilities. Separate Internet access is required to use the Service. Users can host up to 200 participants per meeting.

Zoom Meetings are available in two models for the State of Georgia: Cost per Minute and Named Host. Voice over computer usage is included in both models; PSTN usage is charged separately under the AT&T Global Audio-Conferencing service (listed above).

Cost per Minute model usage is calculated on a per-minute per Participant basis. Calculation of usage begins at the time the first Participant connects to a Zoom session and ends when either the last session Participant disconnects, or the meeting coordinator terminates the session.

AT&T Conferencing with Zoom telephony integration allows Registered Users to use Zoom Call Me to dial out to join a Participant to a session, perform audio monitoring functions such as mute, unmute, and expel Participants and view who is speaking. Each leg of an audio conference bridge that utilizes the Call Me function will incur a cost per minute for the call duration.

Zoom Named Host licenses are purchased and assigned to individuals within an agency organization. Each Named Host license has a monthly recurring charge which entitles the user to host unlimited number of web meetings monthly, including voice over computer usage. Each meeting can have up to 200 participants. PSTN audio conferencing charges associated with Zoom web meetings are additional.

AT&T is also offering the optional Zoom Cloud Room license, which can extend traditional H.323/SIP room systems to the cloud. Zoom Cloud can enable H.323/SIP room systems to communicate with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The service interoperates with many legacy endpoints including Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, Huawei, and others. The service supports H.264, H.239, H.235, and G.722 protocols. Customers may connect multiple H.323/SIP endpoints or Multi Conferencing Unit (MCU) bridges. Multi-screen support is also available for content and video streams, as well as active speaker or gallery video layouts.

How it Works

AT&T Conferencing with Zoom is a cloud-based video communications service that brings high-quality video and carrier-grade audio to collaborators all over the world, offering one consistent enterprise experience.

Features and Benefits

AT&T Conferencing with Zoom gives you these features:

  • Global implementation, management, and maintenance
  • User training
  • Proven service, redundancy, and resilience
  • High uptime and support
  • Ubiquitous, cost-effective access
  • Highly secure end-to-end encryption
  • Easy to use, buy, and scale
  • Up to 500 video participants and 10,000 viewers
  • Engineered and optimized to work reliably


AT&T Conferencing with ZOOM

DetailMonthly Recurring ChargeNon-Recurring Charge
Zoom Meeting – Enterprise / Named Host, 300 Participants Per Month$8.71$0.00
Zoom Meeting / Cost Per Minute$0.87$0.00

AT&T Zoom Webinar Add On

DetailMonthly Recurring ChargeNon-Recurring Charge
AT&T Zoom / Named Host 100 Participants per month $27.00$0.00
AT&T Zoom/ Named Host 500 Participants per month $31.50$0.00
AT&T Zoom / Named Host 1000 Participants per month $37.25$0.00
AT&T Zoom / Named Host 3000 Participants per month $604.25$0.00
AT&T Zoom/ Named Host 5000 Participants per month $1,515.75$0.00
AT&T Zoom / Named Host 10,000 Participants per month $3,946.25$0.00

AT&T Zoom Meeting Room

DetailMonthly Recurring ChargeNon-Recurring Charge
AT&T Zoom Meeting Room per month$20.00$0.00

Regulatory Fees

  • Federal and State Taxes may apply based on Tax exemption status.

Product Specific Terms and Conditions

  • Customers Purchasing Zoom services under a Customer Participation Agreement (CPA) will be presented with the customized Zoom documents approved for use by the Georgia Technology Authority on April 24, 2020 and titled ‘GTA- Zoom APP Marketplace TOU’ and ‘GTA- Zoom Reseller Customer Terms of Service.’ AT&T has included these documents as Attachments 5 and 6 to the RFP. These documents will be required when submitting the Service Order Request (SOR) for customers purchasing Zoom.

AT&T Service Guide Link for Additional Product Information