AT&T High Speed Internet is a broadband internet access service that uses copper and/or fiber facilities. High Speed Internet provides 24/7 internet access with speeds up to 1 Gbps. Service transport type and speed availability varies by location and is only available within AT&T Service Territory.

AT&T is a leading Tier-1 internet service provider with a high-performing IP network and service level agreements that include network availability, network latency, and packet loss.

How it Works

AT&T High Speed Internet uses two main components that facilitate data exchange: customer premises equipment (CPE) and AT&T terminating equipment. The AT&T-provided CPE could be a router or a fiber broadband gateway, depending on the transport technology, which can vary by location. The CPE connects to the service circuit, which connects to AT&T switches that route data between the circuit and the internet over the fiber backbone network.

Features and Benefits

AT&T High Speed Internet gives you these features:

  • Broadband Speeds—range from 768 Kbps to 1 Gbps downstream and up to 1 Gbps upstream (depending on location). These high speeds can support multiple users that need simultaneous internet access.
  • Enterprise Support—is available 24/7 at 1-877-XDSL-ATT regardless of service location. Professional installation is available (additional fees may apply).
  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)—offers Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. AT&T provides the CPE with either a monthly equipment fee or a non-recurring charge depending on the service.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)—provide credits if we fail to meet our commitments for service availability, IP backbone delay, and packet loss.


Broadband - Pricing

Detail/Speed (Download/Upload Shown)Monthly Recurring ChargeNon-Recurring Charge
25M/5M – Dynamic IP$58.43$0.00
25M/5M – Static IP$73.80$0.00
25M/25M – Dynamic IP$86.10$0.00
25M/25M – Static IP$101.48$0.00
50M/10M – Dynamic Ip$82.67$0.00
50M/10M – Static IP$98.04$0.00
50M/50M – Dynamic IP$124.03$0.00
50M/50M – Static IP$139.40$0.00
100M/20M – Dynamic IP$108.65$0.00
100M/20M – Static IP$124.03$0.00
100M/100M – Dynamic IP$160.41$0.00
100M/100M – Static IP$175.79$0.00
200M/40M – Dynamic IP$219.35$0.00
200M/40M – Static IP$234.73$0.00
200M/200M – Dynamic IP$336.71$0.00
200M/200M – Static IP$352.09$0.00
300M/75M – Dynamic IP$169.13$0.00
300M/75M – Static IP$184.50$0.00
300M/300M – Dynamic IP$261.38$0.00
300M/300M – Static IP$276.75$0.00
1.5 Mg/384k / Broadband Dynamic IP$47.87$0.00
1.5 Mg/384k / Broadband Static IP$63.24$0.00
3.0 Mg/512k / Broadband Dynamic IP$51.76$0.00
3.0 Mg/512k / Broadband Static IP$67.14$0.00
6.0 Mg/768k / Broadband Dynamic IP$59.25$0.00
6.0 Mg/768k / Broadband Static IP$74.62$0.00
12.0 M / 1M / Broadband Dynamic IP$65.60$0.00
12.0 M / 1M / Broadband Static IP$80.98$0.00
18.0 M/1.5M / Broadband Dynamic IP$87.13$0.00
18.0 M/1.5M / Broadband Static IP$102.50$0.00
24M / 3M / Broadband Dynamic IP$94.30$0.00
24M / 3M / Broadband Static IP$109.68$0.00
45M/6M / Broadband Dynamic IP$107.78$0.00
45M/6M / Broadband Static IP$123.15$0.00
75M/8M / Broadband Dynamic IP$140.94$0.00
75M/8M / Broadband Static IP$156.31$0.00
IP Block Size – 29 / Broadband Multi Static IP$36.90$0.00
IP Block Size – 13 / Broadband Multi Static IP$30.75$0.00
Equipment Fee / Modem / Router$10.25$0.00
Professional Installation$0.00$205.00
CPE Purchase / ADSL Modem / ADSL Router$0.00$102.50
CPE Purchase / SDSL Router$0.00$461.25
Broadband Equipment Fee / Modem / Router$4.61$0.00
500M/100M – Dynamic IP$240.88$0.00
500M/100M – Static IP$256.25$0.00
500M/500M – Dynamic IP$369.00$0.00
500M/500M – Static IP$384.38$0.00
1G/200M – Dynamic IP$292.13$0.00
1G/200M – Static IP$307.50$0.00
1G/1G – Dynamic IP$650.88$0.00
1G/1G – Static IP$666.25$0.00

Regulatory Fees

  • Federal and State Taxes may apply based on Tax exemption status.

Pricing Notes

  • Service Availability validation is required.
  • Only available in AT&T Service Area.

Product Specific Terms and Conditions

  • Withdrawal of Service. AT&T reserves the right to withdraw a Service upon reasonable Notice. Service withdrawal with 12 months notice and Service Component withdrawal with 30 calendar days notice.

AT&T Service Guide Link for Additional Product Information