Centrex is a voice communications system that uses the power of the AT&T network to provide you with internal and external communications services with valuable features. Centrex operates out of our local central offices and provides you with a powerful and flexible alternative to premises-based switching systems. Centrex minimizes expensive switching equipment and the need for additional floor space. Because Centrex is inherently scalable, your business can expand without adding or replacing communications equipment in your building. Instead, we can make all those changes at the AT&T central office.

We monitor and maintain each AT&T central office 24/7. Because the equipment that drives Centrex is in our central office, we’ll promptly repair any unforeseen problems in our lines at no charge. Centrex is perfect for multiple-location businesses (based upon service address location, within the same serving area) wanting a single, easy-to-use system.

How it works

With Centrex, your phone system resides in the AT&T central office. Main user station lines run from our central office to each telephone, fax, or modem. Your users are connected whether they’re located in your main office, in your branch offices, or at remote sites.

Features and Benefits

Centrex gives you these features:

  • Dedicated Phone Number for Each Employee—is possible with Centrex.
  • Call Management—Easy-to-use features allow you to redial automatically, block calls, forward calls, forward select calls, prioritize calls, know who’s calling, use Call Waiting, and conference call.
  • Flexibility—All features can operate at every phone.
  • Electrical Backup—We house the system and provide 24-hour maintenance by skilled technicians. If there’s a power outage, dial tone remains available, except for phone sets that require power units. If there’s a brownout or a storm at your location, Centrex continues to function because it runs on the power at our central office.



Details/SpeedMonthly Recurring ChargeNon-Recurring Charge
Centrex Station Link$8.20$0.00
Standard Features per Line$4.05$0.00
Network Access Register (NAR)$18.39$0.00
Customized Common Equipment$476.63$0.00
Caller ID (Per TN)$0.15$0.00
MemoryCall Voice Mail 90 Min Use-Each Mailbox$8.15$0.00
MemoryCall Voice Mail – Flat Rate-Each Mailbox$16.61$0.00
MemoryCall Voice Mail Personal Extension Mailbox$11.22$0.00
MemoryCall Voice Mail Enhanced Extension Mailbox$11.22$0.00
MemoryCall Transfer Mailbox$1.03$0.00

Regulatory Fees

  • Federal Subscriber Line Charge = $10.51 per Station Link
  • Parity Credit = $8.09 Credit per station link
  • Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) = $.30 per Station Link
  • Federal Parity Credit Surcharge = $8.09 per Network Access Route (NAR)
  • 911 Fee = $1.50 per (Note: Some entities may be exempt)
  • Telecommunications Relay Service = $.11 per NAR
  • Federal and State Taxes may apply based on Tax exemption status.
  • Georgia Universal Access Fee = 4.9% of all Intrastate billing
  • Fees subject to change based on FCC Filings

Pricing Notes

  • Pricing components for a standard Centrex deployment includes Centrex Station, Network Access Registers, Centrex Common block, Voice Mail and Standard Features. Total charges per Centrex solution will be based upon quantities needed to support customer voice design requirements. Standard features include: Call Forward, Call Waiting, Call Hold. Additional features may be requested based on design requirements and may require and additional charge. Long distance services are not included and will be charged separately.
  • Only available in AT&T Service Area.

Product Specific Terms and Conditions

  • Withdrawal of Service. AT&T reserves the right to withdraw a Service upon reasonable Notice. Service withdrawal with 12 months notice and Service Component withdrawal with 120 calendar days notice.

AT&T Service Guide Link for Additional Product Information