AT&T Virtual Private Network


AVPN (AT&T Virtual Private Network) – is a network based Multi-Protocol Label Switching service which enables Customers to build an application aware, virtual private network to link customer locations and efficiently transmit applications such as voice, data, and video over a single connection.  Customers have the option of choosing the access method to AT&T VPN which best meets their requirements Port speeds range from 10M to 10Gig connections using Ethernet technology.  AVPN provides the following feature capabilities: COS (Class of Service), SLAs, ability to support multiple VPNs, Diversity Options, Integration into LTE architecture, seamless any-to-any connectivity supporting simplified routing configurations, Multicast and IPV6 support.   Access, Basic Class of Service and MPLS Port Included.   Service Availability validation is required, and special construction charges may apply. 

How it Works

AT&T VPN transports traffic across the MPLS-enabled AT&T Global Network. The network uses standard IP routing in conjunction with fast label switching to efficiently transport traffic between locations via the optimal path and based on the latency between network endpoints. Label switching inside the core requires less processing, reduces latency, and establishes security between VPNs.

Features and Benefits

AT&T VPN Service gives you these features:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Cover delivery, latency, availability, time-to-repair, and service installation time. Our AT&T VPN site availability SLA objective is 100%. With our agreements, you can trust that your critical data is quickly and reliably transmitted.
  • Any-to-Any Connectivity: Enables communication between any two sites in your VPN, so it eliminates the need for tandem routing and defined virtual channels between sites. As your business grows, you can easily add sites to the VPN, and AT&T manages the IP core capacity to accommodate the additional connections. In addition, packets take a more direct route to their destinations instead of passing through the hub, which reduces hub traffic and the need for additional hardware.
  • Network Diagnostics and Help Desk Support: Provides 24/7 service monitoring and help desk support from networking experts in our Network Operation Centers. And because we quickly diagnose, identify, and correct service issues, you can trust that your network is designed to perform at its optimum level.
  • IP-Based Disaster Recovery: Uses external Border Gateway Protocol (eBGP) to enable load balancing across six discrete Customer Edge-Provider Edge (CE-PE) connections. Because AT&T VPN runs on the IP/MPLS network, it also supports several redundancy options for carrying primary and backup routes. Network-based load balancing and IP routing simplify backup and recovery from disasters. With dynamic load balancing and redundant routing, your traffic reliably travels through the network.
  • Network Management Tools: Let you submit and track AT&T VPN service trouble tickets via our network management web portal, Business Center®. You also get access to reports on your network components and performance. As a result, you can more efficiently monitor and manage your network.
  • Load Balancing: Routes incoming network traffic to the most efficient path. Using the BGP multipath option, you can enable and disable load sharing across multiple AT&T VPN ports as your needs require. Efficient load balancing supports BGP and static routing and helps to improve your network performance and reliability.
  • Access Choices: Include Ethernet Access up to 100G, and various wireless options.
  • Network Management Options: Let you define, on a per-site basis, whether to manage CPE at your own sites or have AT&T do so on your behalf. As your requirements change, you can change transport sites to managed sites and vice versa. In addition, you can combine transport and managed sites in a single network, allowing you to choose per site the option that offers the best cost and resource value.
  • Route Diversity: Provides access path diversity, Ethernet access Point of Presence (POP) diversity, and AVPN POP diversity for two to three connections which provide full diversity when combined. With redundant routing, your traffic reliably travels through the network.

AT&T Service Guide Link for Additional Product Information

AVPN – Pricing

DetailMonthly Recurring ChargeNon-Recurring Charge
Bandwidth 10 Mbps$708.32 $0.00
Bandwidth 20 Mbps$918.83 $0.00
Bandwidth 30 Mbps$1,223.41 $0.00
Bandwidth 40 Mbps$1,223.41 $0.00
Bandwidth 50 Mbps$1,223.41 $0.00
Bandwidth 60 Mbps$1,592.43 $0.00
Bandwidth 70 Mbps$1,592.43 $0.00
Bandwidth 80 Mbps$1,592.43 $0.00
Bandwidth 90 Mbps$1,592.43 $0.00
Bandwidth 100 Mbps$1,592.43 $0.00
Bandwidth 250 Mbps$3,493.18 $0.00
Bandwidth 500 Mbps$4,566.41 $0.00
Bandwidth 1 Gbps$5,684.92 $0.00
Bandwidth 2 Gbps$7,903.83 $0.00
Bandwidth 3 Gbps$8,340.63 $0.00
Bandwidth 4 Gbps$8,340.63 $0.00
Bandwidth 5 Gbps$8,340.63 $0.00
Bandwidth 6 Gbps$8,775.59 $0.00
Bandwidth 7 Gbps$8,775.59 $0.00
Bandwidth 8 Gbps$8,775.59 $0.00
Bandwidth 9 Gbps$8,775.59 $0.00
Bandwidth 10 Gbps$8,775.59 $0.00

DetailMonthly Recurring ChargeNon-Recurring Charge
Bandwidth Overage, 10 Mbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 20 Mbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 30 Mbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 40 Mbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 50 Mbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 60 Mbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 70 Mbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 80 Mbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 90 Mbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 100 Mbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 250 Mbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 500 Mbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 1 Gbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 2 Gbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 3 Gbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 4 Gbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 5 Gbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 6 Gbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 7 Gbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 8 Gbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 9 Gbps$0.01025 $0.00
Bandwidth Overage, 10 Gbps$0.01025 $0.00

DetailMonthly Recurring ChargeNon-Recurring Charge
AVPN Managed Router – Small$251.13 $0.00
AVPN Managed Router – Medium$306.37 $0.00
AVPN Managed Router – Large$582.61 $0.00
AVPN Managed Router – XL$733.29 $0.00
AVPN Managed Router – XL+$1,672.49 $0.00
AVPN Managed Router – XXL$2,019.05 $0.00

AT&T Virtual Private Network (AVPN) POP Diversity Option

MPLS POP Diversity provides ability to terminate the MPLS Port to a geographically diverse Service Provider MPLS POP when purchasing 2 or more MPLS Ports.  The POP Diversity charge applies to each MPLS Port (both primary and backup) at the site. 

DetailMonthly Recurring ChargeNon-Recurring Charge
POP Diversity, Speed: 10 Mbps$33.01 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 20 Mbps$43.05 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 30 Mbps$66.01 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 40 Mbps$66.01 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 50 Mbps$66.01 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 60 Mbps$89.69 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 70 Mbps$89.69 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 80 Mbps$89.69 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 90 Mbps$89.69 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 100 Mbps$89.69 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 250 Mbps$233.91 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 500 Mbps$310.68 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 1 Gbps$569.70 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 2 Gbps$625.66 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 3 Gbps$683.06 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 4 Gbps$683.06 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 5 Gbps$683.06 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 6 Gbps$739.03 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 7 Gbps$739.03 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 8 Gbps$739.03 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 9 Gbps$739.03 $0.00
POP Diversity, Speed: 10 Gbps$739.03 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 10 Mbps$17.22 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 20 Mbps$22.24 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 30 Mbps$33.01 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 40 Mbps$33.01 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 50 Mbps$33.01 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 60 Mbps$44.49 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 70 Mbps$44.49 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 80 Mbps$44.49 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 90 Mbps$44.49 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 100 Mbps$44.49 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 250 Mbps$116.24 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 500 Mbps$154.98 $0.00
Switch Diversity, Speed: 1 Gbps$285.57 $0.00

Regulatory Fees

  • AT&T VPN Service incurs the following fees (Note: These may change based on FCC Filings):
    • Universal Connectivity Charge – UCC (33%)
    • Administrative Expense Fee – AEF (1.36%) – (Note: Some entities may be exempt)
    • Property Tax Allotment – PTA (5.30%) – (Note: Some entities may be exempt)
    • Federal Access Recovery Fee – FRF (6.38%)
  • Federal and State Taxes may apply based on Tax exemption status
  • Fees are subject to change based on FCC Filings

Pricing Notes

  • Service Availability validation is required, and special construction charges may apply.
  • Only available in AT&T Service Area.
  • Pricing includes Access and Port and Router (if purchasing AT&T Managed Router as dictated by tables above.)
  • (AVPN) POP Diversity Option is an incremental add on feature noted per Rate Table above and applies against each circuit in a diversity bundle. If circuit A is to be diverse from circuit B, then AVPN POP Diversity charge applies against BOTH circuits.
  • Pricing includes Fixed Ports billing option, as well as Bandwidth Usage option (Bandwidth Overage Charges apply in this case)