Inside Cable/Wiring

Cabling and Wiring Services

AT&T Cabling Solutions will perform the Cable and Wiring Services at customer sites as required to meet your business objectives pertaining to Cable and Wiring Services. Once requirements are defined, AT&T will produce a scope of work and detailed pricing based on the below approved rates, for customer review.

Planning and Design Services

AT&T Cabling Solutions will do the following:

  1. Provide plans and design for the following components:
    1. Cabling
    2. Wiring
  2. Analyze Voice Centrex Services and Voice Switch Services client Premise cabling and wiring needs.

Services Connectivity and Operations

AT&T Cabling Solutions will be responsible for Cabling in reference to the following:

  1. Manage Cabling including:
    1. Configure, install, implement, test, support, and maintain cabling in accordance with GTA’s architecture and design principles.
    2. De-install and remove cabling when replacing defective cabling (GTA managed locations only) as required.
    3. Verify connectivity of the infrastructure and all other directly connected devices.
  2. Coordinate or perform repair reported or discovered trouble with the cabling that supports the functionality of the Authorized User voice instruments as requested by GTA and GTA Customers.


Service Charges

Resource TypeHourly Rate (Non-FTE)
CAD Engineer$77.79
Field Manager – Projects, Repairs$106.16
Project Manager$118.97
Network Engineer$137.28
Lead Tech$69.55
Field Manager$114.40
Copper Lead Tech$69.55
OSP Lead Tech$69.55
OSP Tech$58.57
Fiber Lead Tech$69.55

Materials Charges

Material TypeUnit of MeasureMaterial PriceInstalled Price
Category 6 Simplex Outletea (<180-ft)$161.27$384.38
Category 6 Duplex Outletea (<180-ft)$239.17$525.31
Category 6, 48-port Patch Panelea$471.50$544.53
Horizontal Cable Manager, 2RUea$68.33$87.13
Vertical Cable Manager, 6-inx10-inx84-inea$410.00$429.22
Floor Mounted Equipment Rack, 19-inx84-inea$273.33$339.53
66-Block, 50-pr wall mountedea$20.50$41.00
110-Block, 100-pr wall mountedea$68.33$87.13
2″ Ready-Sleeve Kitea$68.33$87.13
Plywood (4’x4’x3/4″ w/2 Coats of Fire-Retardant White Paint)ea$273.33$339.53
Plywood (4’x8’x3/4″ w/2 Coats of Fire-Retardant White Paint)ea$410.00$512.50
Rack-Mount Power Strip w/Surge Prot. – (6) NEMA 5-15R Outletsea$136.67$160.16
Cantilevered Rack-Mounted Equipment Shelf (50 lb capacity)ea$112.07$128.13
Surface Raceway (LD3WH 8 ft), 3/4-in, Ceiling Adapter (JBX3510wh), Surface Mount Outlet Box (DCF3WH) and couplers, as necessary.8-foot installation with all necessary parts/materials$27.33$121.72
ZM6A-07-02 7-ft white, Cat 6A Patch Cordea$21.87$43.56
ZM6A-07-06 7-ft blue, Cat 6A Patch Cordea$21.87$43.56
ZM6A-10-06 10-ft blue, Cat 6A Patch Cordea$24.60$43.56
LJSL5-Y3-1, Laser Printable Labels, Copper1000$129.83$43.56
S100X160FAL, Laser Printable Labels, Fiber1000$307.50$43.56
FJ2-LCLC5L-03-AQ, LC to LC aqua duplex jumper, OM3 multimode, 10-ftea$49.20$43.56

Regulatory Fees

  • Federal and State Taxes may apply based on Tax exemption status.

Pricing Notes

  • Service Charges (Resources) – The Hourly Rate is based on an individual case basis.
  • Material Charges (One-Time) – Installed price includes PM, Labor, and consumables and assumes a 100% complete installation with test results.
  • Project size and scope impacts overall pricing and these rates should not substituted for hourly estimates without giving AT&T the opportunity to estimate projects independently.

AT&T Service Guide Link for Additional Product Information