IP Flexible Reach


IP Flex Reach (SIP Trunking) services enable the transmission of voice telephone calls in IP format over an IP compatible transport service. IP Flexible Reach provides a managed Voice over IP (VoIP) solution offering inbound and outbound SIP Trunking on your data network, enabling local, long distance and international calling for all your sites. Fax and Modem calling also applicable.

AT&T IP Flexible Reach can also be referred to as a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking solution. It is deployed in situations where customers own their own premises telephony (analog phones, key system, TDM PBX, or IP PBX, IP PBX Clusters and Session Border Controllers) equipment.

IP Flexible Reach is available on two transport types –AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI) and AT&T Virtual Private Network (AT&T VPN). You choose the number of concurrent calls across the transport type to meet your business needs.

IP Flexible Reach includes two package options: Local and Long Distance (Calling Plan B), and Local and Long Distance Package bundled with free off-net minutes (Calling Plan C). All package options include free unlimited on-net calling between all Business VoIP sites.

IP Flexible Reach also provides robust Business Continuity Solutions (Enhanced Features) not available on traditional TDM based telephony services, such as Trunk Call Routing (TCR) that redirects calls to a backup SIP Trunk. A variety of TCR options are available to meet your Business Continuity needs. Additionally, numerous Line-Side Features are available, such as Remote Call Forward, Account Codes, Authorization Codes, Sequential Ringing and others.

How it works

On your local area network (LAN), your IP phone converts your voice or facsimile transmissions into Internet Protocol (IP) format. Your LAN equipment routes those transmissions (calls) via your transport access facility to our network. On-net calls (VoIP to VoIP) route only within the IP network. Off-net calls (VoIP to the PSTN) route through a gateway device that converts them from IP to analog format and routes them on the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to their destination.

Features and Benefits

IP Flexible Reach gives you these features:

  • Converged IP Network—gives you dynamically allocated bandwidth and high-quality, reliable, business-class voice service that is backed by Service Level Agreements.
  • Management Features—include web-based performance and call reporting, service reporting, and network management.
  • IP Flexible Reach Enhanced Features Package Option—adds telephone number-level features to your SIP trunking service like Call Forwarding, Find Me/Follow Me, and Account codes, as well as advanced routing and resiliency features. This package comes with a web-based management portal so you can quickly and simply assign and manage your users and features.


IP Flexible Reach

DetailMonthly Recurring ChargeNon-Recurring Charge
Calling Plan B Per Concurrent Call$9.00$0.00
Calling Plan C Per Concurrent Call. Includes 300 Minutes of Long-Distance Calling. See pricing notes below.$11.00$0.00
OffNet Outbound Interstate and Intrastate Calling per minute.$0.02$0.00
International Calling Rates can be provided upon requestupon request$0.00

Regulatory Fees

  • Regulatory fees are applied at a Safe Harbor of 64.9% of the Concurrent Call as noted above. This means that the regulatory fees as outlined below are applied to 64.9% of the Concurrent Call charge. The FCC regulatory fees applicable are:
    • Universal Connectivity Charge – UCC (19.6%)
    • Administrative Expense Fee – AEF (1.36%) – (Note: Some entities may be exempt)
    • Property Tax Allotment – PTA (5.30%) – (Note: Some entities may be exempt)
    • Federal Access Recovery Fee – FRF (6.38%)
  • Interstate and International Long Distance calls have 100% of the fees outlined above
  • E911 Fee per Concurrent Call = $1.50 – (Note: Some entities may be exempt)
  • Georgia Relay Service Fund per Concurrent Call = $.011
  • Federal and State Taxes may apply based on Tax exemption status.
  • Fees are subject to change based on FCC Filings

Pricing Notes

  • Service Availability Validation Required.
  • Requires AT&T Transport service not included in the pricing. AT&T Dedicated Internet or AT&T Virtual Private Network MPLS connection required.
  • The local and long-distance plan (Calling Plan B) provides unlimited on-net and local calling with competitive per minute long distance and international rates. Supports E911/911 calling.
  • The local and long-distance package (Calling Plan C) provides unlimited on-net and local calling with a long-distance package that includes competitive per minute international rates, plus 300 minutes of outbound U.S. off-net calling per concurrent call, aggregated across your enterprise. Per-minute charges apply for usage over the bundled minutes. Supports E911/911 calling.

Product Specific Terms and Conditions

  • The following information will be included in a customer’s Service Order Request document upon order placement with AT&T:
    • Customer acknowledges that Customer has received and understands the advisories concerning the circumstances under which emergency calling may not be available with AT&T IP Flexible Reach. Such limitations and advisories are stated and identified in the AT&T IP Flexible Reach Service Guide found at http://serviceguidenew.att.com/sg_flashPlayerPage/BVOIP. Examples of when 911/E911 may be limited under the following circumstances which include, relocation of the User’s CPE, 9-1-1 is dialed from a location other than the Registered Location; the broadband connection has been disrupted or impaired; the data service upon which the broadband connection is dependent is terminated or is disrupted or impaired; loss of electrical or battery power; delays in processing a newly updated Registered Location; use of a non-native telephone number; and the device is not located in the United States of America.

AT&T Service Guide Link for Additional Product Information