Managed Router Service (MRS)


Managed Router Service (MRS) is a complete wide area network (WAN) Managed Router solution, designed for customers with basic or specialized networking needs. From architecture, design and engineering through implementation and lifecycle management, AT&T’s MRS service lets customers manage their core business, free from day-to-day network worries. Network monitoring and management of MRS is provided from our Global Customer Support Center (GCSC). The GCSC will monitor your network 24/7/365, address any problems, and serve as your single-point-of-contact for maintenance, software updates, and changes to your CPE configuration.

AT&T’s Managed Router Solutions (MRS) Service is a complete wide area network (WAN) solution that provides you with the flexibility of choosing from a menu of customer premises equipment (CPE) and service functions, while enabling you to quickly address network downtime that could result in an adverse organizational impact. MRS Service can be coupled with a variety of transport options provided by AT&T or 3rd Party vendors. AT&T will assist with design and technical assurance of all solutions.

The MRS Service supports multiple configurations for managed router offerings in order to meet your requirements. The MRS offering is designed for flexibility: you can choose from a complete menu of CPE such as Cisco, Juniper etc. and service functions, so you get a network matched to your unique business and technical needs. MRS Complete monitors your network, isolates and resolves faults, and allows you to configure your network and manage network security. MRS Complete also provides performance reporting and service level agreements (SLAs). AT&T Managed Routers require an out-of-band connection or POTS line (Not included) or an LTE Connection (Included) for out-of-band management purposes.

During implementation and installation, an AT&T Project Implementation Manager (PIM) will oversee installation of your CPE to ensure that your solution operates properly. Your PIM will create an effective implementation project schedule that covers site installation, testing, and turn-up.

How it works

After evaluating your network and WAN requirements, we design your solution and install your router equipment and software. And, to ensure that your WAN continues to operate properly, we monitor, maintain, and manage your network architecture.

Features and Benefits

Managed Router Solution provides:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)—We offer comprehensive SLAs that have three components: on-time provisioning, site availability, and time to restore.
  • Web-Based Management—MRS gives you an online management tool that allows you to track site installation and configuration and view network maps and status information. You can access management and performance reports. MRS allows you to submit changes and monitor trouble tickets.


Managed Router Service (MRS)

Managed Router Solution -RouterMonthly Recurring ChargeNon-Recurring Charge
Juniper EX4300- (Up to 100M)$642.55$1,660.50
Juniper EX4300- (>100M to 1G)$873.93$1,660.50
Juniper EX4300- (>1Gig to 10G)$1,019.59$1,660.50
Cisco ISR-4xxx- 1.5Mb$461.74$1,537.50
Cisco ISR-4xxx- TDM Interface$518.49$1,537.50
Cisco ISR-4xxx- TDM Interface$623.29$1,537.50
Cisco ISR-4xxx- TDM Interface$680.03$1,537.50
Cisco ISR-4xxx- DS3 Interface$1,155.63$1,660.50
Cisco ISR-4xxx- 300M (up to 100M)$611.16$1,660.50
Cisco ISR-4xxx- 1G (up to 500M)$1,615.83$1,793.75
Cisco ISR-4xxx- 2G (up to 1G)$2,125.63$1,793.75
Cisco ASR1001x- 1G (up to 1G)$1,950.11$1,793.75
Juniper QFX 5100 2x10GigICBICB
Cisco ASR 1001x-10G (up to 10G)ICBICB

MACD Charges

MACD TypeCharge DescriptionCharge
Move Router Site (inside)Non-Recurring Charge$900.00
Move Router Site (outside)Non-Recurring Charge$1,000.00
Simple Logical Configuration ChangesNon-Recurring Charge$62.50
Complex Logical Configuration Changes (Requires Local Technician Dispatch)Non-Recurring Charge$290.00
Professional Services Hourly Rates for Non- Standard services and Standard services performed during Non- Standard Business Hours1 hour minimum for expedited logical changes and 4 hour minimum for all others. Once the minimum is attained, additional charges maybe billed in 15-minute increments
Standard Business HoursCharge, per Hour$180.00
Non- Standard HoursCharge, per Hour$230.00
Expedite FeeNon-Recurring Charge$1,500.00

Regulatory Fees

  • Federal and State Taxes may apply based on Tax exemption status.

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